Sani Touch Table Top

Sani-Touch Table Top


  • Cleans up to 1,000 eggs per hour
  • Fresh water supply, no recycled water
  • Easily portable and designed to sit on top of a utility sink
  • Connects to sink faucet for water supply
  • Manual temperature control regulated by hot and cold faucets
  • 44” wash brushes
  • Variable speed control for brushes
  • Optional equipment – chemical feed pump for sanitizing solution

Egg Processing Capacity

1,000 Eggs/Hour


110 VAC / 60Hz

Size & Weight


Available Additions

Chemical Feed Pump 
Heavy Duty Brush

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About Available Additions

Injects controlled amounts of sanitizing solution into the water supply line.

Heavy Duty Brushes for extra removal force when dealing with dried-on matter or extremely dirty eggs. Also great for Duck Eggs.

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