Sani-Touch Model 5

Sani-Touch Model 5

  • Base model includes sanitizer, chute loading, and a collection table
  • Totally enclosed motors
  • Variable speed control
  • Washdown Drive Motor
  • Wash and Sanitize up to 2,520 eggs per hour
  • No recycled water
  • Custom designed feed and take off (left and right hand models)
  • Additional features are available to further enhance functionality
  • Customization available
  • 44″ wash, and 28″ dry brushes
  • Most economical, complete processing option available – Model 5 SG-1 with chute candling and mechanical three scale grader starting at $19,700


Egg Processing Capacity

2,520 Eggs/Hour


110 VAC / 60Hz 30A
220 VAC / 60Hz
220 VAC / 50Hz



Available Additions

Chemical Feed Pump 
Heavy Duty Brush 
Water Heater 
Chute Candler 
Spool Spinner Candler 
Half-Case Cross Loader 
Full Case Cross Loader 
Tray Pack 
Mechanical Scale Grader
Digital Scale Grader 
Vac Pack

About Available Additions

Injects controlled amounts of sanitizing solution into the water supply line.

Heavy Duty Brushes for extra removal force when dealing with dried-on matter or extremely dirty eggs. Also great for Duck Eggs.

Built in water heater warms water to to improve cleaning performance and help kill bacteria and sanitize.

Requires 220 VAC power supply.

Modified chute loader with built in candling.

Improved candling system automatically orients eggs allowing for use of a cross loader.

Conveyor that can be loaded with half a case of eggs for transfer to the candler.

Conveyor that can be loaded with a full case of eggs for transfer to the candler.

Conveyor table that aligns eggs into a different lines and orients the points down for easier transfer and egg lifter compatability.

Small grader that uses tuned counterweights attached to multiple scales to detect egg sizes and kicks eggs onto the grader conveyor.

Sorts 3 sizes of eggs with a reject lane.

Large grader that uses a digital scale to weigh eggs then kicks the eggs off at the appropriate location on to the grader conveyor.

Sorts 5 sizes of eggs and a reject lane.

Records measurement data.

Simple to set up and use

An option for the digital scale grading table that aligns the eggs point down for vacuum lifter compatibility.

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