(Shown with optional cross loader)


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  Features Candles, Sanitizes and Grades 3600-5420 eggs per hour
No recycled water
Custom designed feed and take off (left or fight hand models)
Belt feed loading
Spool spinning candling
Washable drive motors
44 in. brushes
  Options High/low temperature alarm
Direct injection system for sanitizing solution
56 in. brushes
Cross loader
    -180 eggs (half case)
    -360 eggs (full case)
  Dimensions Max. overall length 20 ft. 6 in.
Max. overall width 56 in.
Max. overall heigth 56 in.
Max. height to grader 37 in.
Max. height to loader 42 in.
  General Data Factory tested before shipment
    -110/220 VAC/60Hz
    -220 VAC/50Hz
Shipping weight 1300 pounds