National Poultry Equipment Company has been contributing to the egg and poultry industry since 1935. The original equipment was designed and built by Clyde and Walter Powell of Renton, Washington to clean breeder and commercial eggs produced and marketed by the small "backyard" poultry farmers. The first Magic Egg Cleaner used a series of sanding loops that buffeted the egg as it was carried through the machine on a conveyor belt.

The Magic Egg Cleaner was performing a very useful purpose on the farm, however, the speed of the machine was not sufficient to match growth of egg production. Roland Haney, a salesman for the Powell brothers, conceived the idea of replacing the sanding loops with nylon brushes and spraying the eggs with a water based cleaning solution. He sold the idea to the Powell brothers and the Aquamagic Egg Sanitizer was invented. The original machines did not sell well as the idea of washing eggs was not an accepted practice by the USDA. Mr. Haney traveled to Washington D.C. where he convinced USDA officials that his method of cleaning was equal or superior to "buffing." He later added a grader to the machine which made the Aquamagic the first egg processor that candled, sanitized and graded eggs in one step.

In 1984, Cal-Mar Industries purchased the company and moved it to Modesto, California. They expanded the market for the machine by introducing its benefits to the breeder industry for all avian species, not just chickens. The machine is now used to sanitize turkey, duck, goose and game bird eggs as well as SPF eggs used in the production of both avian and human vaccines.

In June 2000, Russ Larson and Gorden Barker of Barlar Industries purchased the company and relocated it to its current location in Marion, Iowa. With their combined experience in the poultry industry they have improved and updated many aspects of the machine. With the new look and updated features come a new name - Sani-Touch.

In July 2015, Justin, Lauren, and Dawn Enzinger of Enzinger, Inc. purchased the company from Barlar Industries and continue to operate the company from its current location in Marion, Iowa. The Enzinger’s are excited to bring fresh new ideas and perspectives to the company and will continue to serve commercial egg producers and poultry breeders across the globe.

Justin Enzinger

President of National Poultry Equipment Co.

Lauren Enzinger

Vice President of National Poultry Equipment Co.